Below is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about FHA Approved Condominiums and the FHA Condo Map website. If you have additional questions, send us an email through our contact us form, and we’ll be sure to answer you.

What is an FHA Approved Condo?

If you are approved for an FHA loan, and would like to buy a condominium, the entire condominium complex must be approved by the FHA. In order for a condominium complex to become FHA Approved, it must meet a strict set of guidelines determined by HUD.

How do i find an FHA Approved condo near me?

The best way to find an FHA approved condo in your area is to use our map. (This map and list of FHA Approved Condos is available 24/7 even when the HUD site is closed on nights and weekends.) To start, zoom into the city or region of interest.  From there you can click on the numbers and to further drill down into your area.  Click the red pins to bring up additional information about a specific FHA Approved Condo.

You can also search by:

  • Condo Name
  • Condo ID
  • County
  • Address
  • FHA Concentration
  • FHA Expiration date

To search using the above criteria, use the search fields located directly below the map area.

Note:  It’s best to clear all fields or refresh the map page between each search when using search fields.

How do we become FHA Approved?

The best way to get a condo FHA approved is to use a 3rd Party Submission Service. FHA Review is a service that specializes in both FHA and VA Approval processes.

How do i find units for sale within an FHA approved condo?

To find units for sale, you will need to cross-reference this list with an MLS or another 3rd party site such as  It is best to use a realtor to facilitate this process.

How long is FHA Condo approval good for?

FHA Condo Approval is good for 2 years. Once the expiration date has passed, the certification will expire, and the condo association will need to re-apply for FHA Approval.

How do i become a partner on

To become a sponsor/partner, fill out the application located here.