Map of FHA approved condominiums

FHA Condominium Map

Our interactive map of FHA Approved Condominiums is searchable by Condo Name, City, State and much more!  Finding an FHA Approved Condo in a specific area has never been easier!

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Instant Condo info at your fingertips

FHA Map info

Condo information including address, expiration date, site description, FHA loan concentration and more are available instantly, 24/7. All information is obtained directly from the master list from

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COMING SOON!  Meet our partners

FHA Map has teamed up with premier lenders, realtors, movers, and other service providers in your area that can help you with your real estate goals.  Let us be your one-stop shop for all your condo related real estate needs!  Stay tuned for this feature, which is coming soon.

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